Welcome to our cutting-edge studio, where professionalism is paramount.We exclusively showcase native actors with acting degrees and extensive expertise in voiceover and dubbing.Harness the skills of seasoned professionals fluent in Slovak, Czech, and Hungarian for TV, film, radio, and online projects.Our top-tier studio equipment ensures impeccable quality, while our communication skills guarantee a smooth collaboration experience.Elevate your projects with our dedicated focus on excellence in every voice.Step into our studio, where professionalism meets proficiency, and choose a voice that resonates with a standard that surpasses.

Why us?

We offer a team of professional trained freelance actors, specializing in voice-overs. With professional training and recognizable faces and voices, we offer top-notch audio recordings. Fluent in Slovak, Czech, Hungarian and other languages our adaptability and experience ensure outstanding results for any project.

Our equipment.

Our studio features top-tier Neumann microphones like the TLM 103 for superb sound quality. We use high-end tube preamps for added warmth and employ professional acoustical treatment in our recording booth. Equipment from renowned brands such as RĂ˜DE, ZOOM, and Behringer further enhances our recordings. With high-quality gear and minimal background noise, our recordings are top-notch. We also offer a wide range of additional equipment, including DAWs, AD/DA converters, preamps, monitoring systems, microphones, compressors, EQs, vocoder harmonizers, MIDI controllers, synthesizers, talk boxes, plugins, and more.

Other services

Our advanced audio equipment ensures superior sound quality across all projects, including live direction recording sessions. We provide additional services like sound editing, mastering, artistic direction, and language audit to refine and enhance the final product. Offering language interpretation during live sessions enables real-time communication with voice artists, ensuring accuracy and meeting client expectations. With our experience, we guarantee a seamless and successful recording experience. Additionally, we specialize in all types of lip-sync and dubbing services, performed at a top professional level ready for online, radio, and TV media platforms.

Our work

We excel in voice acting, providing top-notch voice-over services for diverse projects such as business training tutorials, software, ad and broadcast radio/TV, games, on hold messages/IVR, podcasts, events, narrations, technical equipment, animations, product promotions, audiobooks, instructional videos, applications, and more.
Below you may find some of the projects we worked on.

contact us

Feel free to reach out to us at to discuss your project and get a customized quote. Ask us for more voice samples. We're here to help and will respond promptly to your inquiries. We look forward to bringing your project to life with our expertise and professionalism.